A firm built for owners in need of expertise and skilled knowledge to successfully oversee, coordinate, and execute a project. Whether you are building a residence, cafe, restaurant, lounge club or beach resort, we assure to cover all angles to make your project headache free.

Concept Build’s has ensured continued growth by maintaining the highest level of quality services at fair and market competitive prices. As a consulting and project management company client satisfaction is pivotal to the valued repeat and referral business.

The core of Concept Build’s has been led by our founder Marcelo M. Bonti, our dedicated consultants, managers, and qualifiers with a strategic foundation and future including our pledge to establish lasting relationships with our clientele by exceeding their expectations since 2006. Created with the concept of an entrepreneurial atmosphere and a desire to differentiate our unique approach directed towards providing clients with innovative and value-oriented building solutions.

After years of specializing in stone fabrication and installation management, Mr. Bonti launched Concept Build as a premier consulting and management company. With an extensive and detailed knowledge of construction management and high-end construction methods, he has driven Concept Build to hail a landmark reputation amongst both clients and construction professionals as an exceptionally reputable and competitive entity. In addition to offering management services, stone fabrication/installation and millwork, his vision for Concept Build has expanded the company’s offerings to include every piece of the puzzle needed to plan, execute and run your business.

The list of international clients has grown steadily since the company’s beginnings offering an exceptional “one-stop” service which caters to those not present during a project, but yet demanding nothing short of exceptional design and quality delivered from structural columns to bed linens. In addition to specializing in domestic projects, Concept Build has been established as one of the must trusted stone fabricators/installers throughout the Caribbean and South America.